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Denali theme is a premium WordPress theme designed and developed by Usability Dynamics as a quick out-of-the-box solution for setting up powerful websites powered by WP-Property. WP-Property is a complex plugin that can be used for real estate, property management and many other applications that require showcasing of things.

WP-Property has a number of FREE! Add-ons, that add functionality to your website. Denali can be used as an out-of-the-box solution or an as a framework for creating your own WP-Property powered theme. The Denali Theme does not include any add-ons that are in the screenshots, if you would like to have the same visuals as the theme does you will need to get for free our following add-ons: Responsive Slideshow, Super Map,Real Estate Agents, FEPS, PDF, Walk Score.

Note that using Denali requires having WP-Property installed and enabled on your WordPress installation.

Flexible Customization – No Coding Required!

Denali includes instant color scheme customization, expandable custom header with property search, integrated social media icons, automated child theme installation, and endless layout options! Choose from three integrated style and color designs; then apply them with a single click! Layouts are flexible, widget areas are plentiful, and you can even vary widget content based on

Responsive Layouts

The Denali theme has been around for a while. It has responsive style layouts so that it can be displayed nicely on any device, desktop or mobile. Your clients will be able to view your properties in any kind of device, whether they are at home, at work, or on the go.

Get Setup Quickly with the Setup Assistant

After you have uploaded and activated Denali, the First Setup Wizard page will appear. Jump to the next section of this tutorial. The Setup Assistant is a point-and-click interface to help you with a quick setup. The assistant will help you select a color scheme, general layout of a property page, location of search widgets, and more. Additionally, the assistant can create some sample properties for you, setup the widgets, and even create a sample real estate agent.

Element Overview

Denali comes with a series of special elements, to improve functionality, usability and visitors’ focus on your website. Here you will learn about these elements and their functionality.

The Attention Grabber - Tabbed Widgets

Attention Grabber

Denali comes with a special tabbed element on the homepage, called Attention Grabber. The attention grabber is practically a tabbed widget area, in which you can add whatever widgets you wish, and organize them in tabs.

Each widget you add on an Attention Grabber will appear as a different tab in it. Also, for each property type you create, another Attention Grabber area will appear for you to add widgets to. More on this on the “Single Content Pages” and “Widgets” section of this tutorial.

The Slideshow

The Denali’s Slideshow is a special full-width slideshow that can support images plus a widget. Usually, that widget is a Property Search widget. You can later choose which widget you want to add to the Slideshow, if the widget will appear or not, or if you want to completely remove the Slideshow element.

Header Dropdowns

Header Dropdowns are more dynamic widget areas that come with Denali. They are tabs that pop under the very top of every page and serve various purposes. Once clicked, these tabs slide down with a smooth effect and display the related widgets. We have three Dropdowns in Denali: Property Search (you can never get enough of these), Contact Us and Login. As their names suggest, one includes a property search widget, one a contact form, and one a username and password field for logging into your website.

Header Dropdowns