Denali theme Settings Footer tab

Hide the Explore Block from footer area. The Explore Block may contain a list of your top pages, categories, or custom HTML, which can include shortcodes. This option will remove it. More on the Explore Block, later in this page.

Disable the Footer: Bottom Left Block widget. This disables a widget area on the footer, on the bottom left. When enabled, the widget that goes here should appear right on the left of the Explore Block.

Disable footer Social Media Icons. Later on you will be able to set some social media website links on your footer (for your Facebook page, twitter feed, YouTube etc). This setting will disable these links and make them disappear from the footer.

Do not include site description text in footer: “{Some text here}”. By default the footer shows the website description you typed on WordPress’ installation on the bottom right. This setting hides it.

Show “Equal Housing Opportunity” icon in footer. Non-US users can and should ignore this. US users know what it is. More info here.

Hide the Footer Menu. This hides the main footer navigation menu.

Hide the Bottom of Page Menu. This hides the secondary footer navigation menu, that appears right on the bottom of the page.

Explore Block

This area selects between possible content for the Explore block (described above). With the radio button option here, you can have it show anything from: a list of all Pages, a list of all Categories, or Custom HTML code. If you choose Custom HTML, a new text area will appear for you to paste the HTML code you wish to show in the block.

Hide the Explore Block title. This option hides the Explore Block’s title (by default: “Explore”)

Social Media Links: In these fields you should paste your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS and YouTube links. These will appear on the bottom right of your website, in the footer, as icons. Any fields left empty will not show the respective icons on the front-end.