Denali theme Settings General tab

General tab options:

Put site into maintenance mode. This will put your site into maintenance mode, and only administrators will be able to view the website. Other visitors will see a splash screen saying that the website is under maintenance. Useful for testing changes before publishing them. You should enable this while you are setting up your site and adding initial content.

Color Scheme. We have already seen this one in the First Setup Wizard. This will let you choose one of the three color schemes (we prefer to call them “skins”), that come with Denali. You can choose between Default (brownish, earthy tones), Blue (light and dark blue hues with a grey hardwood floor background), and Dark (mostly greyscale with some red here and there).

Hide post meta (date posted, author, categories listed in,etc) on category pages. This will hide metadata from category views on your website, for each post. That data includes the author’s name, categories, tags, dates etc.

Hide all comment forms on the front-end. This does not include property inquiry forms. This will hide comment forms from posts and pages.

Hide the Attention Grabber section (including Header Image) from the home page. Self explanatory. This hides the Attention Grabber from the Home Page.

If you set a blog page by creating one and then setting it as a blog page under Settings -> Reading in the WordPress Dashboard, Denali automatically creates a slideshow element and an attention grabber element on the top of that page, which can contain images and a search (or any other) widget.

Hide “Property Search” from slideshow on Posts Page. This option will disable that widget area of the slideshow, leaving only the image(s) visible.

Hide the Attention Grabber section (including Header Image) from the blog home page. Self explanatory. Removes the Attention Grabber and the header image from your site’s home page.

Hide the Attention Grabber section (including Header Image) from the inside pages. This will hide the attention grabber and header image from inner pages and posts.