How to set header image in Denali theme?

1. You can use Attention Grabber widget area. Add text widget (must be only 1 widget) to the Attention Grabber area and write <img src="" /> in there or use shortcodes:

[property_slideshow] Typically to be used on a property page, as it displays all the images that have been dragged over into the property-specific slideshow selection pane. However, the shortcode could be used virtually anywhere as long as you pass the id attribute into it specifying a particular property.[property_slideshow class=’my_custom_class’]

[global_slideshow] Typically used on the home page, but could be used anywhere. The images displayed here are taken from the selection you have made on the Properties -> Slideshow page.


Or use slideshow functions. (But check that “ Never display a slideshow on property pages. “ on Theme Options/Single Content Page is not marked.

Properties/Slideshow - for Home Page

Properties/Settings/Slideshow - for Property Pages

  1. To set unique header image for property you can use Featured Image is showing in header - Set “ If the image size you selected above does not exist, and there is no slideshow, do not show header area at all on property pages.” function on Theme Options/Single Content page.

  2. To set image on inside pages use Appearance/Header option or inside page Attention Grabber, or use inside page Grabber, but check that “Hide the Attention Grabber section (including Header Image) from the inside pages.” on Theme Options/General Settings is not checked.