WP-Property: Slideshow

Welcome to the WP-Property: Slideshow wiki!

The Slideshow Add-on is used to aesthetically showcase a series of images. The slideshow comes with two primary features - a global slideshow, and a property specific slideshow. Both slideshows may be inserted virtually anywhere using shortcodes, but are generally intended to be displayed on the home page and on property pages, respectively.

We made it extremely simple - the slideshow page searches through the Media Library looking for images that are big enough for the slideshow - dimensions to which you would specify in the main WP-Property control panel.

The slideshow has a number of shortcodes available. Attributes are extra settings you can put into the shortcodes. First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the Add-on comes with two different slideshow types ( global and property images ), although they share a lot of the same characteristics.