Property Gallery

The following shortcode can be added for showing images gallery on single property page:


Carousel gallery can be set by marking “Display as carousel gallery.” in Property Gallery widget, or by using shortcode:

[property_gallery carousel=true]

More about property gallery image size settings

Shortcode Type Default Description
width number auto Sets image width.
height number auto Sets image height.
autoplay true/false false Switches autoplay.
transition string fade Switches transition.
enforce_ minimum_ image_width true/false true Enforces minimum image width.
debug true/false false Sets debug.
thumb_size string Property Settings configuration (thumbnail) Sets thumbnail size.
image_size string Property Settings configuration (medium) Sets image size.
hide_if_ no_images true/false false Switches gallery off if there is no images.
large_size string Property Settings configuration (large) Sets large image size.
show_info true/false true Switches info displaying.
carousel true/false true Switches carousel displaying.
image_crop true/false true Switches image crop.
image_pan true/false true Switches image pan.
theme string classic/galleria.classic.min.js Sets theme.
element string 'wpp_gallery_' . rand(1000,9999) Sets element.