What kind of emails are sent to the property submitters in WP Property FEPS?

Several emails are sent to the property submitter throughout the life-cycle of a property.

Property Submitted. When a property is first submitted, an e-mail is sent to the submitter acknowledging that their submission has been received.

Property Status Updated - When an administrator changes the property status, such as to “publish”, “pending” or “trash” an e-mail is sent to submitter notifying them of the status change. This email is also sent if a property automatically changes the status to “pending”.

User Account Created - The first time a submitter makes a submission a WordPress user account is created for them. This notification includes an activation link as well as a temporary password that will need to be used to login into the site and finalize the publishing of the listing.

User Account Approved - Once the account is activated, as described in the previous step, another e-mail is sent to the submitter automatically.

Pending Property Approval - If the FEPS form is configured to require an administrator to approve the submissions, the submitter will receive an e-mail confirming that their property has been received and is now awaiting administrative approval before it is published.

Property Deleted. If an administrator decided to delete a property for some reason an e-mail is sent to the submitter.

All the above e-mail notifications may be customizers using the WP-CRM plugin.