Short FAQs for WP Property FEPS

  • Can I not show a map at all? Only if you do not show the address attribute at all. As of now, whenever the address attribute is displayed, the Google Map will be rendered automatically.

  • Can I have submitted listings published automatically? Yes, when creating the form, set the Property Status to “Publish” and the submitted listings will be made public immediately

  • Can the number of submitted images be limited? Yes, during form creation set the Images Limit to a number to set the maximum number of images that can be submitted per listing.

  • Can I use this to list vehicles, or other things? You can use FEPS to list whatever your heart desires - use the Developer tab in WP-Property to create any attribute you want, and customize away.

  • Can I use this add-on on multiple domains? As with all of our add-ons, you download a dual-domain license, meaning the feature can be used on two domains. This is intended so you can have a production and a development environment, but in practice we don’t care how you use it - can be two production domains.

  • Is WP-Property needed to use FEPS? Yes, FEPS is as extension of WP-Property, which must be installed first to use FEPS. WP-Property is free, and can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

  • Can I disable email notification? Yes, you can check “Disable new user account creation notification.” on Properties/Property Forms page.

  • Can user remove uploaded photos? Yes, he needs to click on that photo before using “Publish” button.