Help Tab

This tutorial explains the Help tab in WP-Property Settings. This tab allows you to do many useful things that will help you.

You can set up here

  • Restore Backup of WP-Property Configuration.
  • Download Backup of Current WP-Property Configuration.
  • Revalidate all addresses using your localization.
  • You have ability to enter in the ID of the property you want to look up, and the class will be displayed below.
  • To get property image data, you need to type Property ID.
  • Look up the $wp_properties global settings array. This array stores all the default settings, which are overwritten by database settings, and custom filters.
  • Clear WPP Cache. Some shortcodes and widgets use cache, so the good practice is clear it after widget, shortcode changes.
  • You can set all properties to same property type.
  • Memory Usage and Peak Memory Usage information can be found here too.
  • Export All Properties to CSV file
  • You can Look up XML import(WP-Property: Importer add-on) history, that shows last 500 imported items in descending order.

  • You may append the export _Feed _URL with the following arguments:

  • limit - number,
  • per_page - number,
  • starting_row - number,
  • sort_order - number,
  • sort_by - number,
  • property_type - string - Slug for the property type,
  • format - string - “xml” or “json”.

  • Show Log. The log is always active, but the UI is hidden. If enabled, it will be visible in the admin sidebar.
  • Delete Unattached Files
  • Show XML Import History. Show last 500 imported items in descending order. (WP-Property: Importer add-on)