Composer Module Development for WP Property


  • Modules should throw Exceptions on invocation to notify admin of issues.
  • Module should install distributable versions of their dependencies (composer install –no-dev –prefer-dist).

The non-essential and vendor functionality of WP-Property are compartmentalized into “modules”. Broadly speaking, there are three types of modules - “libraries”, “components” and “modules”.


These are “vendor” libraries loaded by Composer and are essential for WP-Property to load. Required libraries of Features are bundled into the core vendor directory.


These are Composer packages that are non-essential and are loaded by WP-Property when activated. Features are not packaged into distribution and are downloaded automatically by WP-Property once activated. Features do not use auto-loading since they are may be installed later and the autoload configuration packaged with WP-Property distributions is static. Features are loaded by Bootstrap class by scanning the vendor/usabilitydynamics directory.

UDX Libraries

These are special JavaScript libraries that are loaded from as needed, they are not bundled into the distribution.


These are UI-oriented components that may include JavaScript, CSS and views. Components are stored in the /components directory and may be used as an alternative to UDX Libraries when all libraries need to be combined into a single file.