Cheet Sheat for [supermap] Shortcode

Shortcode Type Default Description
hide_sidebar true/false false Toggles the sidebar that displays a list of returned properties and a search filter.
map_width number 450px Map width, in pixels.
map_height number 450px Map height in pixels.
zoom number calculated automatically based on results Sets map zoom.
center_on calculated automatically based on results Sets center coordinates.
show_areas string all Slug of area which you can add on Supermap tab (Settings). Just add to shortcode attribute show_areas=all to draw all areas on the map. Also You can use area's slugs to show them on the map, like as show_areas=new_york,washington
per_page number 10 Property quantity per page.
starting_row number 0 Sets starting row.
pagination on/off on Switches pagination.
sort_by string menu_order Sets sorting by any of your property attributes.
sort_order ASC/DESC ASC Sets sort order.