WP-Property: Facebook Tabs

Facebook Tabs is a Add-on for WP-Property that allows you to add a tab with property listings or any other content from your website, on a Facebook Page. Technically, it is a Facebook App that you will need to create and set up. WP-Property users who are serious about their marketing and use Facebook for it will find this feature extremely useful, as it opens a whole new world to your clients’ experience. Setting up the Facebook Tabs requires a couple of basic things:

  • A Facebook Developer account. Visit this page and click on the register button on the top right. Facebook will guide you through the rest.
  • An SSL Certificate on your website. This is very important, as the tab will not render for people who have SSL enabled on their Facebook account. Facebook enables SSL by default, so unless your clients change this (which they won’t), they will not be able to view the tab you will be creating.