Welcome to the Avalon wiki!

We designed our Avalon WordPress theme especially for WP-Property plugin. It has responsive style layouts so that it can be displayed nicely in any device, desktop or mobile. Customizable sidebars and different widgets to suit every taste. All colors from the site are also customizable to fit your brand’s colors. Please note that you will not get any notifications for updates of this theme. Please check updates on this page.

Main Features:

  • It is Free!!!!
  • Grid overview template
  • Let’s you upload a custom logo
  • Add your contact and company information
  • Available for localization
  • Compatible with WP-Property pluigin and all it’s add-ons
  • Useful Sidebars and widgets available
  • Adjust the theme to fit your brand’s colors
  • Fully Responsive
  • Special template for your blogs

Home page features:

  • Login/Register section, which can be disabled
  • Header images, which can be changed. Actually you can set up separate image for every single page on your site or do not use it at all. You can also set up different options for your header image, such as height, color or opacity.
  • Welcome section, where you can set up it’s title and welcome text.
  • Logo section. You can set up your site logo and name separately or as single image. Recommended size for single image is 130*40
  • Contact us section. You can use default form in order allow people to contact you or any custom one you want.
  • Location area. Displayed next to the contact form. You can set up there your location and some description about your company or how people can find you. Also can be disabled.
  • Search which can be disabled or you can change it’s location or other parameters in Customize tab

Customizable sidebars and different widgets to suit every taste.

Useful Sidebars and widgets available. Easy to find and set up all them in Customize tab. E.g you can find 5 available sidebars(widget areas) for your Home page.

Here is the list of all widget areas

Some examples of special widgets for those section

About us widget

Overview of your objects widget

About your products widget

Focus widgets

Flip widgets

Adjust the theme to fit your brand’s colors

Here is the list of available blocks to set up colors on your site: