WP-Property: Terms

Welcome to the WP-Property: Terms wiki!

Out of the box, WP-Property provides you with the Features and Community Features taxonomies. This free add-on allows you to create any number of additional taxonomies and categorize your listings into search-friendly terms. To enhance your site’s SEO, unique landing pages may be created for certain terms, using this add-on.

  • Create custom taxonomies for listings.
  • Setup your own way to manage terms: taxonomies can be hidden from admin menu, default WordPress meta boxes for managing your terms can be disabled on Edit Property page, etc.
  • Filter your listings by terms on ‘All Properties’ page.
  • Custom post type for your terms is enabled. So term can be set as separate post.
  • Ability to add images, content, custom meta fields for every term.
  • Search your properties by terms.
  • Choose taxonomy’s type: term can be unique or multiple terms are available.
  • Compatible with XML Importer.
  • Disable or enable taxonomy (terms) for specific property type.
  • Inherit terms from parent’s property.
  • Add your taxonomy to specific attributes group.
  • Free and Powerful extension for managing your property data!