Getting Started with WP Property PDF

The WP-Property: PDF Flyer enables you to quickly generate PDF flyers or brochures, ready for printing or download. You have complete control over which information to display, what colors to use, image sizes, and logo. We’ve included an option to generate automatic QR Codes, and advanced users can integrate custom PDF templates.

Property information in one conveniently portable package!

The Add-on enables you to quickly generate beautiful and informative brochures, or one page flyers for every listed property. These useful documents are then available for printing or download. Print them for clients in your office or to have hard copies on hand while in the field. Provide digital versions that can be easily downloaded from each property page. Save the documents to a computer or mobile device for easy access independent of internet connection. Realtors, as well as clients, can now enjoy one conveniently portable package with all pertinent property information!

Encourage Mobile Access to your website!

We’ve even included an option to automatically generate QR Codes which can be included on each flyer. Smart phone users scan these codes to go directly to a property’s page on your website! Get ready for more mobile site traffic!


You have complete control over which information to display. Stamp your agency’s company logo on every page. Customize color options to convey your corporate image. You can even include multiple property images and adjust the dimensions to your preference. Combine with our Real Estate Agent feature to have an agent’s photo and contact information automatically included!


Select your design options, and then sit back while PDF Flyer produces the document for each property automatically! Or, a single click tells PDF Flyer to generate the files individually, but only on demand. This makes site backups faster and will save server space. The WP-Property PDF Flyer comes with a standard PDF format and advanced users can even integrate custom PDF templates.